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Originally Posted by shadow
you're really doing yourself a dis-service if you haven't played company of heroes. It's one of the best RTS games that's come out in a while. C&C 3 also is fantastic but if you're a wc junkie I can see how you might not like the C&C style. Try CoH to keep you company till Starcraft 2 comes out (I'm sure you can get a demo to test it).

if you're new to RTS genre try C&C 3. Its fast paced, easy to get into, and not overly complicated with multiple tech trees etc.

Black & White is not an RTS btw its more of a sim game. Same for Rome/Medeival total war. Though the total war series is pretty cool in its own right.
So I'm looking for more of a sim game? For some reason I want to do the thing where you build the troops and resources up and everything.
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