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Basically they took TA and just made a super huge battlefield which amounted to churning out units sending them to battle and basically not giving much of a damn about them. I guess that's exactly what you said you dislike about the other games but SupCom is extreme. Plus identical sides unless you have patience to go deeper into the game. You're definitely not missing anything there.

Yep, from the impression I got in my very little attempt at it, it's basically what I like least on a massive level.

I have played Myth II, and quiet frankly it was fabulous but I wouldn't consider it a RTS. To me it was more of a tactical game since it didn't have much in the way of Base Building and Resource gathering.

Fair enough, it basically doesn't have any of that(you could call the points at the start of each game your resources I guess). I think it is firmly in the RTS realm though, but can certainly see that view.

I think C&C, WC/SC and CoH are amazing in their own right and represent different styles of play in the genre all of which I've enjoyed.

Certainly they are more traditional. C&C was fun, but I didn't find it overly challenging nor terribly engrossing. It basically felt like every other C&C game where you just mass a unit and swarm, only with even less emphasis on resource gathering, I can honestly say I never was running low on cash, was like playing a sandbox game or something. COH was fun again, the WW2 thing is so played out though that it kind of lost me there. Warhammer 40k was also a very good game, though I never got into it, never liked 40k as much as standard Warhammer so i carried a grudge in :).

It's hard to see where the next big move in RTS is going to come from, I think somehow someone has to add the things that made Myth 2 so good into the RTS environment with resource gathering and the like, focus more on the combat because the vast majority feel stale to me, send in units, build more if they die. I think Warcraft 3 is a start, but I think every unit has to be more like a hero with experience so that just sending swarms becomes a detriment and you need to fight with skill.
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