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Default Looking to Trade Ridnour and Watson

The Sonics are in full rebuild mold and the final pieces to get send away are the two point guards that are probably nothing more than role players on any other team. They may not get the #1 overall pick next summer, but they will pick high enough to get a guy like Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo, or Jerryd Bayless. The best choice would be Rose.

Miami is looking for a point guard and have been for awhile. Can they hold out until the draft to get a guy like Bayless?

Here is a trade idea:

The Sonics sends Ridnour, Watson, and Wilkins to Miami for Jason Williams, Dorrell Wright, and Alonzo Mourning.

Seems like a bunch of junk in return for the Sonics, but the key thing is that all three contracts expires at the end of the season. Miami, obviously isn't going anywhere with Mourning whose minutes are diminishing. If Alonzo has a problem with Seattle, then let him retire and be bought it. In the end, it sheds $12M off the payroll next summer. I'd give the reigns to Jason Williams until he gets hurt then I'll throw it over to Delonte West. Dorrell Wright is a guy I would re-sign. He's coming into his own and is quickly progressing. Could be the next big thing in the league with this versatility thats reminiscent to a young Tracy McGrady. Miami doesn't lose a whole lot and they get two solid point guards to play a role beside Shaq and Wade. Next year, Wally Szcerbiak will be a hot commodity as his $13M contract expires.

Seattle's Possible Line up for 2008/09

PG Rose / West
SG Wright / Gelebale
SF Durant / Green / Szcerbiak
PF Wilcox / Collison
C Swift / Petro / Sene
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