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When we say "peaked" we don't mean he wont improve at all, more like saying we don't see this meteoric rise you see. He will learn more of the tricks of the trade and how to stay on the court better but people are expecting him to go where very few centers have ever gone. Do you know how many centers have ever put up 27 and 11?

Show me where I said he's going to get 27 and 11. His career averages are 18/9 (rounding up). Sure he just had a 22/10 season, but that was playing 57 games. To me, unless he does that for 70 games, those are not his true he still has room to get 22/10. I never said 27 and 11, let me re-iterate that because I have no idea where that claim came from. 22/10 is far and up from his 18/9 average.

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