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Default Re: How to increase shooting range?

It's all in your arm strength. If you are under 18 I'd suggest not working out yet but eat right, eat vegetables and rice, beans, chicken all that good stuff. You need to build power in your arms, and also your wrists. Three point shooting isin't easy, even the best of the best miss most of their three pointers, and I'm not big on three point shooting myself. You need to shoot threes if you are left open or if your team needs it, but a guy who just shoots threes all day is very easy to guard and one dimensional.

But anyway, to increase your range, eat right first, then start shooting from close. After ball 5 makes, go alittle bit farther from the rim, and it has to be five made shots in a row. Then go on beyond the three point line. It takes alot of practice too, Dirk Nowtizki isin't the three point shooter he is today by just waking up and being gifted with his range.
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