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Default Re: How to increase shooting range?

Originally Posted by tcbonline
I'm wondering if you guys had any tips / workouts that help to increase your shooting range? I prefer to take jumpshots, but the range on my jumpshot is just inside the college 3 pt line. When I take a step outside the 3 pt line, my jumper falls short, so I have to go to more of a set shot, so I can get enough on the ball to get it to the rim.

Even on my set shot, I don't seem to have the range that a lot of the guys I play with have. And mind you, these guys aren't workout hounds or anything. They are not in the gym all day working out their legs. So don't just tell me "workout your legs", which I know can help, but I mean some guys have never touched a weight in their life and they just seem to have this innate ability to shoot long range shots with ease.

Is this something that can be improved upon and learned?

There's a video on youtube of Gilbert Arenas at practice shooting 3 pointers with 1 hand. Look it up. He's shooting them from the pro 3 pt line with one hand and never even leaving his feet. Effortlessly. How is this possible?!! I want to be able to do that.

Let's hear any tips you have for increasing your shooting range. Thanks!

It all depends how old are you?
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