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Default Re: Sell 360 to get PS3?

Did you know that HD for Xbox 360 has the same quality as Blueray for PS3? This has been reported in tech reviews and is a fact. I don't know why people still think PS3 has better quality when it doesn't.

Yeah but it is a totally different format that looks to be losing the battle right now. I'm holding out on both until one of the formats gets that clear lead that signals the end for the other. Blu-Ray certainly looks to be pulling away right now though.

I don't get the Xbox love really. It's an inferior machine to the original Xbox as a media center because it doesn't support the better formats and Micro$oft have shown no inclination towards fixing that. More than that though, all it's best games(Never liked Halo) are clearly better on PC than they are on the Xbox. They look better, the multiplayer is better and the controls are better. When everything else is equal, that's three massive deal breakers. 360 is basically a watered down PC.

I own an Xbox, I swear by it and liked it more than the PS2, but the PS3 is a better console, time will show that. Of course, time will also make it cheaper which is nice considering how badly we get raped on prices in Australia, exchange rate is at record highs and we are still paying prices like it is 1970 or something.
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