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Default Re: Prime Grant Hill vs. Prime Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by kgisbigticket
Stay on topic. Besides, Kobe can't even get out of the first round with the GOAT coach as the best player on his team. Kobe could only win with prime Shaq, while Wade won with over the hill Shaq. Kobe had Odom and Butler with Rudy T as coach and won 34 games and missed the playoffs. When Wade had Odom and Butler he won 42 games and got to the 2nd round.
The talent Kobe has had on his team the past few years is double what KG had. KG led teams to 50 wins with Hudson as the next best player and Flip as coach. Give Kobe a coach like Flip instead of Phil and the team wins less than 20 games.

ohh yeah??? where did ricky davis go? and when did KG won 50 games?

do you watch lakers basketball or just make statements up? go and look how many games odom, butler and kobe himself missed when they were togheter under rudy T

Also whats important??? taking a team to playoffs or getting out of first round? if you cant differentiate between the 2 ...then you have have a head problem

When Shaq won in heat...they had tons of good players zo,haslem and posey........

now get off kg's balls
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