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Default Re: BORIS DIAW on the Block......

you don't need a pansy who would be a 5/4 player at $9 million/yr.

Passing up layups and throwing it out to three point shooters isn't smart at all.
his passivity would frustrate me but he'd be invaluable on this team, with this coach. this is a coach that loves the point forward and has always wanted one. we've got plenty of guys on this team who can put up 18+FGA and score 20 points. that's all our roster is. Diaw would give us a distributor. he'd allow Arenas to be exclusively an offball scorer. he'd improve our team defensively. he'd balance our roster. yes he's over paid at $9m, but I don't mind it beause I'm not signing the checks. I don't even think we'll have cap room once Jamison expires. so it doesn't really matter.


that's a very versatile lineup, especially considering the bench. it actually wouldn't surprise me if the Wizards talk to the Suns about Diaw. keep in mind this is the team that started Jared Jeffries at SG for most of a season. we like players like this. and Diaw is much better than Jeffries.

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