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Default Re: BORIS DIAW on the Block......

where have you been? the Suns don't draft. and that's exactly how they might actually pull this off. why not trade like 3 first rounders to unload these 2 on some team with a big expirers? all they're going to do is sell the pick for 3 million anyway. (and then sign a player to a 40 million dollar contract who will never play. god I love the irony.)

by the way does anyone remember when we all thought the Suns would trade Marion because there was no room for him on the roster with Boris' emergence?

Take a moment to re-read what you wrote. They have made the mistake of trading picks the past 4 years, so it'll be a good idea if they keep doing it?

They need to conserve their picks. Nash isn't going to be young forever and they've already handicapped their future plenty. Stop the bleeding, don't feed it.
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