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Default Re: Replace Kobe with Jordan on the Lakers starting in 1999 ...............

Originally Posted by RidonKs
No, you place rookie Jordan in the same situation rookie Kobe was placed in. Shaq has just come to the team through FA, Jordan's a star rookie with out of this world skill and confidence, and he thinks [naturally] thinks that he should be getting more shots than what's being given to him.

Given MJ's attitude for the time before he won a championship, I can't imagine him coexisting with Shaq in as peaceful of a way as you're talking about.
That's exactly what a Kobe homer would say. MJ was humble enough to play in a system under Dean Smith. He played within the team concept in the Olympics as a youngster and has mentioned that he would dump Shaq the ball every time down the court if he ever had a Shaq on his team. Please stop with the Kobe-Jordan comparisons people. The only thing similar about them is mannerisms which Kobe studied for years and imitated. Make Kobe-Pippen comparisons first.
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