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Default Which Of These Teams Is The Best

Hornets, Nuggets, Lakers, Warriors, Rockets. This list is basically the bottom four West Playoff teams, and the team that will miss the Playoffs as the 9th seed.

The Hornets are an up and coming team, with a great young PG. But I don't think they have enough experience, having never gone to the Playoffs with this current roster of players. I don't think they could give any of the Top 4 seeds (SA, UTA, DAL, PHO, I'm assuming they will be the Top 4) very much of a challenge. I like their team, but it would be to difficult for them.

The Warriors are one of the teams I think will be fighting for a 7th or 8th seed, and maybe even be the team that misses all together. They are not controlled enough offensively or defensively to go very far in the Playoffs. Their shot selection is horrible, they shoot way too many 3's, especially at the end of games when they don't even need a three. They also are horrible defensively.

The Rockets are an enigma, they should be better, they do have two Superstars. But their supporting cast gives them very little, outside of Battier's defense. Bonzi Wells is a shell of his former self, that or he just doesn't care enough. Steve Francis is also past his prime, and never really was that great at running an offense since he left Houston the first time. That is now his role, and it's not working. All their "Point Guards" are rather uninspiring at making plays for their teamates. I think they rely too much on Yao, and T-Mac, but they really don't have a choice. Plus their offense was supposed to be better this year with Adleman, and they are scoring the same team PPG as last year. Firing Jeff Van Gundy was a mistake IMO. Last year I thought they would be dangerous in the Playoffs, but now I just don't have much faith in them.

The Lakers are the X-Factor of this group to me. They could be the best team of this group, or they could be the worst. Will that bench production hold up thru the entire season?? Will Odom be able to stay healthy AND performing well for longer than 20 games?? He seems to have good spurts during a season, but long slumps in other parts of the season, plus the injuries. Bynum is playing really well, but he faded last year in the second half, and looked not ready to complete a full season, fatigue set in. I think he should be fine this season though, he looks like he put in alot of work on his game, and conditioning during the off-season. Any team with Kobe Bryant on it is dangerous come Playoff time, he can carry a team, and with a few of the other guys playing well they could be scary for one of the Top 4 teams to match up with in the 1st Round. Again they could go either way, but if they are all healthy, and playing confident they are pretty good.

And then there is the Nuggets, easily the most talented team of this group, but also one of the worst defensive teams in the League. They don't have anyone who can guard on the perimeter, their bigs are all solid defenders. Unfortunately it doesn't appear it will change anytime soon. And I think it was a mistake letting Steve Blake go during the off-season, but they wanted to cut salary so I guess that's the reason. But even still, I believe they are probably the best team of this group, but not by much. For almost every team in the League they are hard to stop offensively. With AI, and Melo you have two very potent players that are capable of taking over any game by themselves, that can be a huge bonus in the Playoffs. When Nene and Steven Hunter get back they should easily have the best frontline in the League (Starters+Bench), assuming they play their best. Nene is the X-Factor for their success though. If he could play like he did last year against the Spurs in the 1st Round, they should be the most dangerous team of this group.

Who do you think is the best of this group??
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