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Default Info on Saints Row 2

This is a must buy for me, this sounds like it's going to amazing. Hopefully will push GTA, that would be great. I'll get both regardless though.
CVG wrangled up some new and juicy Saint's Row 2 details from various magazine sources and things are definitely looking good for this sequel. First off, Saint's Row 2 promises a city 45% larger than the original in which you can drive motorcycles, jet-skis, boats and crash buildings with helicopters and planes. You'll also be able to take hostages, dual wield weapons and customize your character like never before. But the most exciting Saints Row 2 feature is co-op. Yup, yup, two-player online campaign co-op is in the works and it'll allow you and a buddy take to the streets for gangster warfare. Things are looking on the up for Saint's Row 2, but can we get some gameplay footage already? It's hard to take our minds off of GTAIV without any gameplay footage.
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