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I brick open layups
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plays the same position as dirk; however, plays it very differently. He's much more physical. And you think we can't afford to lose what Dampier did for this team, kmart, even in the midst of his horrible year last year, avg'd comparable Rebs and Blks, while averaging more pts and more steals. we have 4 centers, more than enough bodies to throw at shaq, and he would do a better job than anyone of stopping amare or TD. I think he's worth the risk. If he doesn't work out then we exchanged one 6pt 6reb rediculous contract for another 6pt 6reb rediculous contract.

Also unless i have missed something, i thought denver only had Camby, Nene, and KMart under contract right now... well at least thats all they had last time i checked. Two for one big man isn't a bad trade for em.
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