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I don't know who wrote that article, but there's not much that I agree with. It seems to be his opinion, which is fine. I'd like to know where he got the idea that most fans seem to be concerned about the moves. Sure there are differences of what they should have done. But most of the comments I've seen are favorable.

About the only part I agree with is Ager and MBenga in summer league. More on DJ later.

The contract deal between Cuban and Avery is way overblown. Cuban has responded to it as such. And has taken the writer who started that to task. It's nothing more than lack of news during the off-season

While DA was a great locker room guy, and will make a good coach someday. When he was on the floor he was a detriment offensively. Noone respected his shot and that allowed double teams or zones when he was in. Whatever hustle he had on defense was overshadowed by this. I wouldn't have minded seeing him back at all. But getting Johnson was an upgrade. Worth it for the youth and offense alone. Not a bad 3rd pg. And do you really think any moves are being made without Avery's approval? They gave James their best shot. From reports the clincher that got him was the trade kicker. If it meant that much to him to get that and not play with a team that went to the finals, oh well. Plus that would've made for a small backcourt.

Nothing is set in stone that Buckner isn't going to start at sg. I think there will be times that Devin and Jet are in the backcourt together. But nothing has been said about that being the starting guards. Griff was a great glue guy. But again, drew no respect on offense. He might have shot better than Buckner, but then Buckner shoots more and a lower percentage isn't that big a deal. With the Denver players in the post, he wouldn't have as much opportunity to rebound. Whereas in Dallas, when Dirk plays on the wing or high post. That left more opportunities for Griff to go in and get boards. Griff did bring intangibles, but I think some of the positive for Buckner offset that.

Croshere will be fine as a replacement for Van Horn. They really aren't that different as players. And MBenga could actually log some minutes at pf. Stack will come off the bench at sf. You can also use George there. Again, I don't think Avery would sign off on this if he didn't think George could follow his defensive plan.

When did Marquis become a huge fan favorite? And he was injured more than not. And when he wasn't, he was in Avery's doghouse and really didn't get much burn.

They kept their top 7 intact. And added Croshere, Johnson, George, and Ager. Also kept DJ in the fold. I really don't see a dropoff there. Yes, I do think they can maintain their identity. Have just as good a chance to be WC champs as they did last year. And they have as good as shot at the title as last year. Experience is a great teacher, for both players and coach. The west be tough again next year. But their chance is as good as anyone in the conference. They may have improved or stayed the same, but they didn't step backwards.

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