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One of the worst things I've read in recent months. Let me tear it apart piece by piece.

it is the off-court decisions made during the Mavs off-season that has fans most concerned.

What fans are you talking about? I haven't heard anyone around here "concerned" with what the Mavs are doing.

Asides from the recent contract renegotiation spout between owner Mark Cuban and head coach Avery Johnson, (more on that next time)

Both Avery and Mark have both said publicaly that there was no problem what so ever with Avery's contract. Avery also said he plans to honor his contract and if there were an extention, the media wouldn't necessarily have to know about that.

Here's the proof:

(Just saved you from writing more garbage "next time").

I question the motives behind the moves the team has made during the past few weeks. This raises a question: “Can the Mavs still maintain their team identity and championship-level of play while losing two of its key pieces?

Why wouldn't they? They kept their top 7 intact and gave or will give extentions to their best 3 players. What makes you think they're about to lose their identity and are no longer capable of playing championship ball? 'Cause they lost Darrell Armstrong? Get outa here.

The trading of locker-room favorite and wily veteran Darrell Armstrong, along with forwards Josh Powell and Rawle Marshall for Indian Pacers guard Anthony Johnson makes no sense from a personnel standpoint. Darrell Armstrong held the position of Locke room leader, team motivator, and even served as Avery Johnson’s second voice. He reiterated points of emphasis made by Mavs coaching staff during timeouts, and exuded his trademark veteran savvy on the floor when called upon for defensive purposes. Even Avery himself said “in order to win a championship, every team needs a Darrell Armstrong.”

True DA was a strong locker room presence and a good team leader, but you're frickin delusional if you think he was the difference to being a championship team. The guy played spordically and only came in to provide energy. His on-court impact(pretty important) was non existent.

Darrell Armstrong

In exchange they get Anthony Johnson, who even though is six years younger and two inches taller than Armstrong, isn’t nearly the defender or leader Armstrong is.

Not only is Johnson the better defender, but he's the better player in general. DA was gonna be 38 once the season starts and he already showed that he couldn't be relyed on as a backup PG just in case Terry/Harris got hurt. With Quis gone, it became an even greater need to get a guy that could handle the ball.

Getting AJ for DA was probably the biggest steal of the offseason.

I understand the need to get younger in the backcourt, but if the Mavs were serious enough, they would have pursued guard Mike James more aggressively. James already possesses championship experience and defensive intensity, which perfectly fits the mold of an Avery Johnson-type player.

Championship experience? As the 12th man that played about as much as Darko did in that series?

Sure James may have helped, but doesn't this contradict what you're arguing for? If you're so concerned with the Mavs losing their "identity" wouldn't Mike James be one of the last people you go after?

The guys a loose canon that could explode at anytime, yet we're suppose to go after him more aggresively because he has "championship" experience? Nice.

This is such a key issue because with Adrian Griffin gone and Jerry Stackhouse more-than-likely coming off the bench, and newly-acquired Greg Buckner unlikely to start, the Mavs may have to use starting lineup that was so successful during their title run. This lineup puts Jason Terry at the off-guard, while Devin Harris is running the point. If this is the case, then where would the instant energy off the bench provided by Armstrong come from? Certainly not in the form of Anthony Johnson.

Avery has gone on record as saying he thinks Terry is the best PG on the team and that he'd really like to avoid having to play Harris at the SG position. So if we put two and two together, we get that Terry is the starting PG and Buckner is probably the starting 2 guard.

With this lineup, you get Harris and Stackhouse first off the bench to provide the energy.

Do you realise that Armstrong wasn't a focal point of this offense in anyway other then being a cheerleader? He may have provided some energy in a couple of regular season games, but when the playoffs came along, he was right where he should have been. On the bench, waving a towel.

Another key piece gone from last season’s title run is guard Adrian Griffin. Griffin, who was signed mid-season, was widely regarded as the team’s x-factor.

X-factor? Did you actually watch the games before you came here spewing your bull****?

An X-factor has an BIG impact on the outcome of a game, someone along the lines of a Jason Terry or a Josh Howard. Someone that can actually have an impact at all.

The Mavs will sorely miss his seemingly relentless hustle and mid-range abilities. Griffin finished 11th in rebounding among shooting guards with 4.4 per contest, and tied for fifth in offensive boards among two-guards. His 1.9 offensive caroms led to countless second-chance points and he could hit the occasional open jumper when Dirk or Terry got double-teamed.

So 2 offensive rebounds, coming out to a maximum of 6 points, led to counless second-chance points? How'd ya figure?

One of the biggest problems for the Mavs against the Heat was the inablity of the other guys hitting shots when Dirk/Terry got doubled. Griff was frequently left open because his jumpshot was one UNRELIABLE. Of course you'd need to have watched the games to notice this one.

In an effort to suppress the absence of Griffin, the Mavs signed veteran Greg Buckner. Maybe a sufficient off-guard, Buckner isn’t nearly as serviceable as Griffin. He shot the ball almost 5 percent worse, averaged two fewer rebounds, and lacks the intense hustle that Griffin posses.

He shot the ball more, hence the lower percentage. He didn't play the same "dirty" guy that Griff did, hence the difference in boards.

Bucks been known for his defense and hustle. He was actually here in Dallas before and was pretty well liked because of his hustle.

Another key issue yet to be addressed is a backup power forward. Last year saw Dirk Nowitzki play 38 minutes per game. And with Keith Van Horn and his enormous contract thrown out the window (about the only smart move Dallas made this off-season)
Who will back up the Big German to rest him for his trademark fourth-quarter takeovers?

If you hadn't noticed, teams tend to want their Superstars on the court for a good majority of the game. Usually gives the team a better chance to win. With Croshere/George/Howard/Pops all capable of playing the 4, there should be plenty of opportunity to drop Dirks PT a minute or two.

Certainly not Austin Croshere, a stand-still shooter with no athleticism.

Easily an upgrade to KVH, especially in the athleticism department. Guy hits the boards well and should be an upgrade on the defensive end as well. Probably one of the better backup PF's in the league too.

And now with the departure of Marshall and Powell the Mavs have absolutely NO true backup to Dirk.

Since when were either of these guys backups to Dirk? Marshall's a SF ffs.

While they got rid of fan-favorite Marquis Daniels in exchange for Croshere, who will be their backup small forward?

Wow. Confirmed for me that I'm talking to some kid thats never seen a basketball game, much less a Maverick game in his life.

The Mavs had the chance to sign rookie free-agent Kevin Pittsnogle, who played for Dallas in the summer league, but are now looking at the prospect of signing another one-dimensional player: Deavin George. Although he can light it up from deep, he lacks the defensive prowess and athleticism that makes up this teams’ identity.

Ahhh, the hypocrisy continues.


Wasted 7 minutes of my life.

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