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Default Re: Best Movie Of 2007??

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
For me... it would be No Country For Old Men with Gone Baby Gone as a real close second.

Edit: Wow... I really didn't see that the poster above me had the same two movies. haha.

Edit again: I didn't realize it was Randy either. LOL.

Yeah, man, those two movies were awesome. The Coen brothers are back at the top with NCFOM, IMO. That was their best movie since Fargo (though I really like The Big Lebowski).

Also, I agree with you that Gone Baby Gone isn't getting the recognition it deserves. It should be nominated for best picture and best director at the Oscars.

Randy, did you happen to check out Roger Ebert's 10 best movies of the year? He put Juno at number 1 and No Country For Old Men at number 2. I still need to check out Juno... but I'm still shocked that it made number 1 on Roger Ebert's list.

I saw two movies this saturday... Charlie Wilson's War and I Am Legend. Neither were that great. Will Smith was good in I Am Legend but he was the only good thing about the movie. Charlie Wilson's War was okay but I don't think it should be nominated for anything.
I just got back from Juno. It was Amazing.
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