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Default Re: Best Movie Of 2007??

Here's my respone to a "Best movie of 2007" from another board just recently. Needless to say, I couldn't pick just one movie, but if I had to it'd be either No Country For Old Men or Knocked Up.

Originally Posted by SCdac
Really too hard to pick just one this year. Maybe, if I hadn't seen so many films it'd be easier to pick 2 or 3, but it's tough to exclude great films from a personal-favorites list.

Some really strong comedies came out, so I'll break my favorites up into "comedy" and "non-comedy".

Favorite comedy
1. Knocked Up
2. Walk Hard
3. Superbad
4. Juno
5. Darjeeling Limited
6. Hot Fuzz
7. Simpsons Movie
8. Ratatouille
9. Aqua Teen movie
10. Talk to Me

Favorite non-comedy
1. No Country For Old Men
2. Away From Her
3. Grindhouse (loved the double feature)
4. Sweeney Todd
5. Rescue Dawn
6. Sunshine
7. Eastern Promises
8. Shoot 'Em Up
9. The Mist
10. The Namesake

A few honorable mentions: The Orphanage, Zodiac, American Gangster, 300, Lars and the Real Girl, and Daywatch.

Did anybody else see any of these movies in theaters?
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