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Default Re: Best Movie Of 2007??

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
So far No Country for Old Men is the best for me. Though I have yet to see, I Am Legend, Gone Baby Gone and There Will Be Blood.

Superbad was great but I can't put a comedy as the best film. The Simpsons movie had great parts to it, but it just seemed like another new episode that has lost it's hilariousness (if that's a word) it once had. 300 was also a great film, kinda cheesy in parts, but good overall.

I saw this last night and was HIGHLY impressed until about the last 15 minutes. If you haven't seen this movie and want to, DON'T! The ending is CRAPTASTIC.

WHAT THE F**KING SH*TASS CRAPOLA C*CKSUCKING ENDING IS THAT!?!? I was furious. The entire movie, I was like "I've got to see this again, I'm going to buy this! Best movie of the year!" And at the end I wanted to punch the author's mother in the throat for having such a dumbass writer as a son!
Tommy Lee Homo's monologue at the end (again: Gay times a billion) dint help the ending much either.

Anyways my 2 dolla and 2 cents.

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