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Larry Hughes is not the problem with this team. The problem our PG situation and Big Z.

I'll deal with Z first... Z is not a horrible player (regardless of how bad he looked in the postseason). He can be very effective in the post with a slow, half court team. He is a very good offensive rebounder and has good range on his jump shot.

However, he does not fit with this team and I've been saying it since 'Bron was first drafted. He was awarded a huge contract last year, which left me scratching my head... especially when I heard that Bron was the one pushing for him to stay.

The Cavs need an athletic, defensive minded big man. I thought that they should have let Z go last year and pushed hard for Dalembert (a great fit, imo). A team with Bron, Hughes, and Flip needs to push the ball.

Hughes' problems really stem from having a PG who has no offensive game. Larry's best quality is his slashing to the hoop. With Snow on the court, his man can sag off of him and help Larry's defender when he makes a move to the hoop. Of course, that defender doesn't have to worry about Eric because he has absolutely no jumper. We know that Bron is going to occupy the majority of the defensive attention. If we got a guy who could play the point that the opposition simply couldn't afford to leave opened, it would give Larry basically 1-on-1 opportunities every time down court. He is quick enough to beat most defenders to the basket and, when you factor in that Bron is going to draw every team's best defender, Larry will be even that much more effective against average defenders.

Get rid of Z and his huge contract... get a guy who can get defensive rebounds and get out on the break... sign a PG who can stroke it... our problems are solved.

LH is not the problem.
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