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Default Re: Michael Beasley- NBA position, expectations and comparisons

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Mashburn is a good call, but he's got too much Point Forward to me too. I must admit, that in spite of his 3%, I really don't see him as a shooter. Maybe it's because he only takes about three a game, which at the college level isn't a ton. Or because he shoots under 70% from the FT line. I know that I don't trust his handle in a control the ball situation, which is different than his ability to break people down. He may be closer to Marion thinking it over. So whoever said that, good call (RMWG?).

I just read the name Laphonso Ellis, which I could see as a low end comp. Mid range catch and shoot is ok, going by guys is the first preference, and physically it's in his nature to crash the boards.

With the comparison to Marion is that Marion isn't great at creating off the dribble. Something that Beasley is highy touted for. Also Marion's ability to gaurd both the perimeter and interior. Beasley needs to put more commitment into defense. Granted, he's blocking shots now against lower level comp, like everybody says, we'll see what he does with larger more stronger opponents. isee the athleticism and the lengthiness but it stops there for me.
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