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Yeah, he did a real good job against Duncan in the 2003 Finals. Duncan averaged 24,17,5,5. Tim almost had a quadruple double the final game. After calling out KVH the year before, he pulls a no-show in the final two games. Potential and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. Is it enough potential to overcome the injury and attitude problems? Let me see him play at a high level without Kidd and in the west. And yes, Damp's not perfect but I'd rather have him to throw at Shaq than Kmart. Do you honestly think Kmart would've done better against Shaq?

It's not a matter of can you afford him. It's a matter of is it money well spent. And just for me, I need to see more from him before I'd consider spending the money. But then again it's not my money, nor my team. Just my opinion.

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