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Against the mavs Duncan avgs this year: 33.4ppg 12.0rpg 3.8apg 1.0spg 2.4bpg. And that is with him being 3 years older and having constant injuries. He made damp almost foul out every game. But i wont make too many excuses =P, lets say his increased point production, despite his age and injuries, makes this a comparable job of guarding him. How did damp respond on the other end? 3.9ppg 5.3ppg 0.1apg 0.29spg 1.57bpg. I will guarantee that kmart's numbers would be better than that. (**EDIT: Kmart avg'd 15ppg 10ppg 2asp 2spg 2bpg in that series) Despite Dampier's tremendously superior defense if he's only responding with 3.9pts and under 5.3 rebs, what good was his effort.

However, I am most focused on the foul issues. Damp was not quick enough on his feet to stay in front of duncan, thus he almost fouled out every game, and duncan shot as many free throws as dirk did in that series. This duncan is not the duncan of several years back, while still incredible, you make him work on the defensive end by making him guard an offensive threat, and you dont allow him to get to the free throw line by having someone quick enough to stay in front of him, and he wont put up those godly numbers.

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