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Default Re: Would you give Shaq away for free, if you could?

This trade scenario if Miami wants to rebuild through free agency

Miami could actually deal him to the Memphis Grizzles.

This trade would make sense for both teams.

Memphis would get a center, and this would free up the log jam at the different positions they are having.

Memphis has 3 starting PGs, 3 starting PFs, 2 starting SF.

Memphis starting roster
PG - Mike Conley Jr.
SG - Juan Carlos Navarro
SF - Rudy Gay
PF - Pau Gasol
C - Shaq O'Neal
6th man - Darko Milcic
7th man - Damon Stoudamire

Memphis can interchange at the PG position becuase Conley is just only a rookie, so putting in a veteran like Stoudamire is insurance.
Also Memphis can go big and play Gay at SG and Darko at SF.

If Miami wants to rebuild the team through trade with All-Star caliber players

Sacramento gets cap relief and can rebuild their team around their young core.
Memphis gets a good center to offset their log jam at all their other positions
Miami gets a solid well rounded team, two 3pt shooters to come off the bench, and a high energy rebounding machine

Miami lineup:
PG - Mike Bibby
SG - Dwayne Wade
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Udonis Haslem
C - Brad Miller
6th Man - Mike Miller
7th Man - Daequan Cook
8th Man - Dorell Wright
9th Man - Mark Blount
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