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Default Re: Michael Beasley- NBA position, expectations and comparisons

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Jefferson is not even a franchise player he is just like the PF/C version of Ricky Davis ( Cavs Circa 2002-03 NBA Season). He is getting some nice stats because he is playing with a lottery team that has no chance to make it in the playoffs this year.
You don't get 20 points and 12 rebounds per game by accident. You act like he's just chucking his way to stats when he's shooting 49% and only averages 2 turnovers. This is just ignorant. Kevin Garnett lead Minnie to the lottery for the last two years, and now Al Jefferson, at the age of 23, is supposed to do better with even less veterans?
Originally Posted by Lebron23
Beasley would be putting up better numbers than Al Jefferson nexts season, and he is certainly on the verge to become one of the bests SF of all time.
How's Kevin Durant doing right now? Scoring average, rebounding average, FG percentage, all have dropped significantly. This is how it works: Statistics drop between college and the NBA because the NBA is tougher than college. And when's the last time a 19 year-old basketball player did better than 20 and 12? You'd have to go back to Magic. Beasley may become better than Jefferson in the far future but he won't be next season.
Originally Posted by Lebron23
Beasley = No.1 scoring Option college.
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