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Default Re: New Year Evaluation

I'm not sure how much there is to evaluate. Durant has looked good at times (like Adam Morrison with more talent, confidence and a higher volume of shots). Green has looked good at times but is a bit too passive most of the time (which was his biggest knock in college where you were wondering if he'd realized he was the best player on the court). The point guard situation has been an absolute mess with none of the three getting consistent minutes. Szczerbiak has been a good shooter off the bench but his development is not all that important. Wilkins has really cooled off after a hot start and isn't even starting now. The bigs have been a mixed bag, Thomas is playing pretty well, Wilcox is hardly getting consistent minutes, and Collison looks like he's going to be a good energy guy coming off the bench for years to come. Their other centers are all stiffs (yes, even Swift).
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