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If you think solely of the future, yes kevin has a ton of upside but so does hughes. Hughes is only 26/27, plays commendable D, and had that great yr in washngton. He was hurt a lot last year, so everyone is down on him right now. The kings need to make a move in the present because artest, bibby, shareef, and bmill are all closing in or have hit 30.

IMO Kevin needs to get a lot stronger/bigger (like to a TMac kinda body size) to be the future of a franchise, if he doesn't he will end up like Hughes-- an allmost allstar at best. Kevin is a good scorer, but he is fairly weak on D and he should rebound a bit better with all that athleticism but you can blame that on lack of strength and experience.

Kevin Martin and Hughes are pretty much equal overall... only the salary... Martin needs more playing time... Hughes need less...
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