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Default Two Coach Or Not To Coach

Im a long time clipper fan and i want all of the laker fans to read this with their tru B-ball mind. How can you realy belive the your coach is the greatest coach, a good coach can find and develope talent not just win with it, think? You have not had what you are use to in the past so now you must work with what you have, now lets see what you have. You have had sasha for 3 years, as agressive as he is he should have ben learning and playing, but he was just sitting, Luke as much talent as he has he should not be playing spot mints.WHEN HIS CONTRACT IS UP HIS DAD IS GOING TO TELL HIM TO GO WHERE HE CAN PLAY AND SHOW HIS SKILLS. RONNY T- pure energy just like bo outlaw, play this man what is the worst that can happen he could be great ala d-rod. In the playoffs you had jim jackson sitting on the bench when you needed scoring off of the bench Why did you even get him what a wast. Phill has proven he could win with great players but now is a different time he must develope the rooks or you will be looking for vets every year to help your club. Phill must not say he is not going to play the rooks, because if you were a rook whould you come to a place where you know the coach isnt going to play you. some confadence billder. good but not GREAT. Change your ways or be left behind-for a long time. no#1 clipper fan.
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