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Default OT: 2 things you probably didn't know regarding reputation

1. negative reps don't affect the people you direct them to if they have higher reps than you.

2. I have the highest reputation on this board.

so stop being a chicken**** and trying to give me a negative rep, ok? you know what I see when I look at my rep? a bunch of grey boxes followed by explatives, with greens tossed in here and there.

if you have a problem with something I say, reply or PM me. we can work it out like mature human beings instead of doing the internet equivalent of leaving a cherrybomb in my mailbox... and then having it not work. I've checked my rep in the User CP three times in my entire career on the new forum. so I probably won't know you're mad at me in the first place and if you think you're cutting me to the heart by giving me red rep, you aren't. it's grey. it does nothing.

so let's do one of two things.

1. petition to get rid of reputation on this board because it's stupid and doesn't mean anything.

2. stop being retarded and leaving negative reputation for posts you disagree with. especially to me. leave negative reputation for useless spammers who deserve it, not Gobb because he hurt your self-esteem, or me because you can't understand satire.
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