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Default Re: New Year Evaluation

Originally Posted by 1982
come on guys. Rainier? Marny? I know you're out there!

been gone awhile...
  • we dont have enough talent
  • durant shoots too much
  • wally still thinks he is in MN
  • west is positioning for a new team, bigger contract
  • watson is a backup pg, not a starter
  • green looks like a poor mans josh howard
  • collison is a workhorse but cant shoot
  • we need more consistency from wilcox
  • is a healthy swift anywhere in sight?
  • pj hasnt defined minutes and roles well so we get inconsistent play
  • rid has lost confidence because of the previous point
  • gelebale--- does anyone care?
  • bennett is salivating at the impending move to OKC
  • if the courts deem the lease must be honored until 2010----
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