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Default Re: Cavs give coach Mike Brown a contract extension

Originally Posted by Mathius
That's a load of crap. The Cavs record Silas' last season was 42-40. The Cavs record with Mike Brown the following year was 50-32. That's 8 more wins.

The Cavs added Larry Hughes that off season, Varejo became a sophmore, Donyell Marshall was added that year, Damon Jones, and Flip Murray later in the year.

You're telling me those guys weren't worth an extra 8 games? Added to the fact that Lebron was a year better?

What a frick'n joke.


I'm just trying to put myself in Ferry's shoes during their thought process. Not really my opinion on the issue. You are right, but Ferry sees more wins, and wants to reward the coach, even though Brown didn't have much to do with it.

05-06--50 wins, 2nd round exit
06-07--53 wins, eastern champs

I know why, and you know why they improved. It has little, if anything to do with the coaching genius of Mike Brown. I'm just examining this from the point of view of management (incompetent as they are--this is probably their thinking)

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