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Default Re: Cavs give coach Mike Brown a contract extension

Originally Posted by mlh1981
I'm just trying to put myself in Ferry's shoes during their thought process. Not really my opinion on the issue. You are right, but Ferry sees more wins, and wants to reward the coach, even though Brown didn't have much to do with it.

05-06--50 wins, 2nd round exit
06-07--53 wins, eastern champs

I know why, and you know why they improved. It has little, if anything to do with the coaching genius of Mike Brown. I'm just examining this from the point of view of management (incompetent as they are--this is probably their thinking)

Gilbert is obviously not a basketball fan, he's just another rich guy who wants to make money off Lebron James.

Incompetent is the key word there. There is NO way, shape, or form Mike Brown deserves this contract. To be perfectly honest, he didn't deserve the 1 year extension he got at the end of his first contract. But this one.... ANOTHER extension in just his 2nd year?

And for what? There are 29 other GM's in the league that _KNOW_ that Mike Brown got lucky in the post season last year, by having the perfect storm of playoff matchups, coupled with Lebron James demoralizing the Pistons.

And he started this season off horribly. The only reason he's winning now is because he got his players back. Is he supposed to be rewarded for being lucky and for getting players back from injury? It's not like we're pacing Detroit, Boston, or any of the Western teams.

This is going to turn into just another Cleveland "fluke" era, where we only make it so far and fall short. It happens with the Indians, it happens with the Browns, Ohio State, and now the Cavs.

I thought Ferry was starting to make some good decisions. I really thought he had a plan... that he made some early mistakes to try to show Lebron he wasn't afraid to bring people in and spend money, but that he was settling down and had a plan to help us recover when DJ, Marshall, Snow, and Gooden come off the books. We're even hearing Larry Hughes talked about for trades, and for a while he was coming off the bench!

But Ferry just blew it with this one. Any hope I had for him is out the window.

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