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its ours nxt year LA09
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Originally Posted by knickscity
I know my knicks sucked last year. LB tanked our season. the players wouldn't play 4 him. yeah yeah yeah. But what about the griz. how do you trade the face of ur franchise. shane was the heart of ur team. every team needs a guy who does the dirty work, get loose balls, hustles on the court. by the way shane is only player in ur rotation that has a home here. plus he was willing to open businesses here and do ur commercials. traded for a questionable rookie and stro who jerry west basically called a bum. stro don't wanna come back either. jerry west still works for l.a. and he is making sure you guys don't become a dynasty to out shine the lakers. you might now make the playoffs next year. watch and see. thats my prediction

What are you talking about? That was probably the smartest thing Jerry West did with this team the whole season. Shane was getting old and he's not as good as he used to be after coming out of Duke. The Rockets are the stupid team. Rudy Gay is an underrated UConn player. Just watch his stats vs Battiers stats 07-08 season.
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