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Default Re: Amir Johnson ???

Originally Posted by VCMVP1551
What do you think Amir's position will be when he finally starts? He came into the league as a SF, I hear him called a PF a lot now and I've even heard some people suggest he play C().
hell be played at the 4 (maybe some time at the 5 and some at the 3 - hell we used sheed at the 3 occasionally under LB). He was a 4/5 in highschool, known as a dunker/shotblocker. hes supposedly grown over 2" since he was drafter (the pistons now say he is 6'11.5" although I think hes still listed at 6'9" officially). Is he athletic enough to play the 3? I think so. Is he strong enough to play the 4? In a league with jamison, marion, etc manning the 4 I would def say so. Maybe cant bang with brand or the other heavies, but hes a mismatch for them as well.

Cant see him at the 3, max at the 4 and samb (or whoever) at the 5. more likely prince at the 3, max at the 4/5 and amir at the 5/4? Not sure, but its not like sheed is a hell of a lot thicker than him. If they went that run n gun way itd work. maybe he can start at all 3 frontcourt spots at the same time
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