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Originally Posted by Kiss Murder
Bonzi will most likely not be sign-and-traded. The Maloofs don't want to go over the luxury tax because they are cheapskates and Ricky Davis won't fit because he just won't.

i have to disagree kiss i like this one alot seee ricky has the same attitude as ron ron and we need to take the scorin load off bibby u saw what happen to bibby while we were playin da spurs ...he was on lock down he couldnt even score and brad is where u put me those guys reali let me down the series so if we get ricky who is a better scorer perimeter shooter and jus as an ok rebounder not to mention he brings a flare and some dunkalicious style to the team that would make us even more exciting to watch we would have an ok team that could do sum damage if taken lightly
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