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Default Re: Amir Johnson ???

Honestly I don't see any way how Amir is now 6'11.5". He honestly looks like his listed 6'9" next to Maxiell who was officially measured 6'5". I think the 6'11.5" talk is just hype BS because these pictures are from this past media day. BTW Amir is probably atleast 225 pounds because he was 217 in 2004.

Johnson measured 6-9 (barefoot), weighed 217-lbs., with a reach of 8-9 and wingspan of 6-11 1/2 at the 2004 Youth Development Festival held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Anyway from what I have seen from Amir he seems like one of those players like Josh Smith who would be athletic enough to play the 4 but maybe a natural 3. If he is going to try to become a primary PF he will need to gain weight. His skillset seems like it would be better at the 4 over time. It will be very interesting to see how he develops his skills.

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