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Originally Posted by Perezident
lmao azz hole yeah and it certainly wont be a problem either if u count the rings u guys are goin to get the era.........oh shyte lol u traded ur rings to miami struggle lakers struggle!!! lol....u guys would neva eva see another champion ship or even a second round lol i bet u the bobcats win a ring b4 kobe gets another one... unless he asks for a buy out and subject himself and his pride to miami for $100,000 lol i bet he'll do it ....he needs shaq wat a moron he is letting shaq leave ahahahaha suffer lakers suffer!!! dnt cry u laker fans thats spilled milk get over it shaq is gone now so stop dwelling on the past cuz if thats the case boston fans wouldnt be trina gather up a champion ship team.....idiot laker fans....they would be str8 if we go jus by the past its all about now lol :stupid: peace kings all the way biatches
you sure do lol alot does lol help you cope with the kings never winning a Championship. Last time I checked we have champ banners hanging and you have Pacific division champ Banners lol lol lol lol lol lo lo
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