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Default Re: Cavs give coach Mike Brown a contract extension

Right now, his worst blunder is INSISTING on starting Hughes/Pavlovic. I hate watching these guys play. There are ZERO consequences for their poor play, so therefore, no motivation for them to improve. Seems like a lot lately, they can't even COMBINE for 10 points a game.

I am thoroughly baffled at how badly Sasha has regressed. He doesn't look remotely close to the player that he was last year. We all knew (or should've known) that Hughes was gonna suck. Always has, always will. People act really disappointed in his play, but my expecations for him this season were low to begin with, so anything he can give beyond 10 PPG is gravy to me. Sucks when you pay someone that kind of money, but it's time we all change what we expect out of him. He's 28 years old and has been an enigma his entire career, even during college. Not going to change now. I wish Mike Brown would recognize this and nail his @ss to the bench. What is it going to take?
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