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Default Re: Cavs give coach Mike Brown a contract extension

Originally Posted by Mathius
I don't know. Until the contract extension I really thought Ferry was going to get us moving in the right direction. Damon Jones and Ira Newble have both been fined this year for taking action against M. Brown by refusing to enter a game. His record was awful in the beginning of the season.

But Ferry's contract extension pretty much is a statement that he has faith in what Brown is doing and he will back him.

That means the only out is if Gilbert fires Ferry and the new guy removes coach Brown.

I just can't see that happening after making the Finals last year, no matter how much of it was luck of the draw.

So back to your original question, "What is it going to take?" At this point it may never happen. We may seriously have to be resigned to the fact that Lebron will leave, or it may take a rebuilding type situation to give us a real shot.

Z isn't going to be around forever. Gooden's not going to improve much. Varejo's not going to improve. Sasha doesn't look like an answer, and Gibson is still pretty inconsistent and may bolt when his contract is up anyways.

It isn't as if we have any long term options here besides Lebron. The best we can hope for is guys like Dwayne Jones and Cedric Simmons becoming steals, or picking up a sleeper in the late rounds of the draft the next two years.

I mean lets face it. This team is still good enough to make the playoffs for the next 3 years ,but its certainly not going anywhere like this.


LeBron will be a Cavalier till he retires...
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