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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by Make It Rain
Kobe didn't put on this "badboy" persona (or at least tries to) till recently. He built his career on his "goodguy" image early on, which is why he was so marketable. Mayo looks like trouble. Rose and Beasley are safer picks. Mayo's a risk player.

Kobe had swagger when he was younger,like LeBron has swagger,and D-Wade has swagger.

Beasley is the most unsafe pick in the entire draft,now from what I've learned more about him is that his work ethic is extremely questionable,he clashes against systems thats one reason why he transfered out of Oak Hill.Beasley also is an extreme ballhog who calls for the ball 24/7 and doesnt even look to pass to an open guy when he has it on the low block,the only time he passes is on the perimeter and then he makes his move to the post and calls for the ball.
Beasley does not play hard 24/7,when the going gets tough he gets frustrated and has a temper tantrum basically when he isnt getting the ball.

OJ Mayo has swagger but he plays hard 24/7,Washington State was up by 10 with about 12 seconds left in the game and OJ is playing hard defense against Weaver like the game was tied while the rest of the players are wandering around accepting defeat.
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