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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by Created Player
I see people are already jumping off the OJ bandwagon.

You talk about fickle.

Durant puts up all-time numbers for a freshman and 80% of this board hailed him as an future NBA Great. Now OJ is playing within the system and you got dudes saying he's 'overrated'.


Again, this is why I'm me, and you're you. I do my homework. I see inside the numbers. I evaluate talent with the keennest of eye. Obviously you people do none of this. You see a few games here and there and want to make extreme decisions based on irrelevant statistical boxscores.

Believe this, is anyone from this draft can be great, it will be OJ Mayo. I'm not saying he will be great, but his ceiling blows the rest of these cats out the water. He just big/strong/quick/explosive/composed enough to do anything he wants on the court. He doesn't need a position cause he is the position. If he's at point, he has to much strenght and size. Try to defend him at the SG position, and he'll use his quickness and in between game to eat you up. Plus he's a quality passer at whatever position he plays.

You dudes are too funny. Learn to make your own decisions and guage talent with your own eyes. If you thought Durant would a great in the NBA, then should really be saying the same Mayo, not because of a few freshman college games, but because HIS INDIVIDUAL SKILLSET TRANSLATES AT THE PRO BETTER.

As a pro Mayo > Durant.

Easy call here. Talk to me when you see the same.

Kansas, Memphis, Stanford, UCLA, Oklahoma, explain OJ Mayo's performance.

Only game vs good competition where he performed well was Wash St. USC has talent and OJ Mayo is supposed to be the star studded freshman to lead the way. He's done no such a thing besides been a player that shot more than his teammates. What are you seeing so special from him? Outside of scoring what does he bring? Not playmaking ability or the ability to run an offense like a PG which is what many claimed he would develop into.

I see OJ Mayo and I see Larry Hughes at St Louis.
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