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Default Memphis Should Trade Rudy Gay

Hes been good for us this year dont get me wrong but the guy is an absolute ****ing ballhog who does not know of the word "Pass".

In as much as he does for the team in scoring,he hurts the team on defense and on offense in a way.

If I were Chris Wallace,Id be really looking into doing this trade at the deadline

Philadelphia:Rudy Gay
Memphis:Andre Igoudala

Igoudala fits much better in whatever the **** we're trying to do here in Memphis and he is a much better defensive player than Gay and he can actually do something that Gay cant,"Pass The Ball" which could help us maybe become a more half court offense in a style similar to what is being used in Houston.

If that deal doesnt work out,
Cleveland:Brian Cardinal,Damon Stoudamire,Kyle Lowry
Memphis:Larry Hughes

This whole situation amazes me,seriously Fire Ivabaloney
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