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Default Re: Memphis Should Trade Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by oldenpolynice
GM's rarely trade players as young as Gay. He hasn't even fully developed yet and here you are setting up trade scenarios.

When Gay's ball-handling improves he'll be more like T-Mac than Iggy. I'd keep him and find a coach who can make him into a more disciplined player.
Gay's ball handling has yet to improve even since HS,I remember the hype around this guy in HS and the constant comparisons to him being "The Next Scottie Pippen".

Well Pippen could rebound,handle the ball,and play defense and all of those areas Gay was expected to improve on when he got to UCONN,but he never improved in college and became a true "Star" player.

Gay has forgotten about the element of becoming a good all around player and becoming T-Mac or even Pippen-like and hes worked on becoming a better shooter.

Gay at this point in his career is playing like pre-injury Sean Eliott
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