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Default Re: Serious question: would the nuggets have been better if they had a real point gua

Originally Posted by starface
They would be better off trading Carmelo for a true point guard and filling his spot with a forward who has an all-around game that includes defense and intelligence. You could put Stephen Hawking on the court with Carmelo, Iverson, JR SMith and Kenyon Martin, and they would still collectively be the dumbest team in basketball. Carmelo is also probably the league's most overrated player. They should try to trade him while people still actually give a **** about him. In two years, they won't.

LMAO how many times have you said that by now? 10 or 20 times? jeez, we get it ok, you hate Melo's guts, so stop using that lame a** excuse everytime a thread has any relations to Melo.
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