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Default Re: Are there really Toronto Raptors fans out there who still want TJ Ford over Calde

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
That all depends on who they can get for Calderon and if the Raptors go with Ford for the future.

As I've stated, I think Ford is the better player now and has more potential. It'll be up to Colangelo to decide whether he risks Ford's health for the bigger possible reward or risks giving up Ford's talent (probably for not a lot in return) due to fear of injuries and plays it safe with Calderon. They'll have to go one of these directions because the Raptors don't have enough talent elsewhere to be able to keep a luxury such as 2 starting point guards and still be a great team.
See, neither of these comments are true (IMO), so why talk like it's a fact and not just your random opinion?

A couple people have challenged you to provide credible evidence that supports Ford being the better talent to the extent (if any extent at all) you keep speaking on. But you continue to ignore or just refuse to explain your stance.

Regardless, all I want you to do is either provide data or stop saying this nonsense about Ford having a higher ceiling than Calderon like you know something no one else doesn't.
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