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Default Re: Phil Jackson: "Detroit Pistons best team in the league"

Originally Posted by Smokee
Phil Jackson, along with alot of other name value coaches have that has-been is still great mentality tho. Same with Riley pretending Shaq is still at the top of his game, and i'm sure more than a few others because they favor aging veterans over young talented players. Its why it took Bynum so long to get respect and time, even then it probably wouldnt have happened nearly as fast this year if it werent for Kwame being hurt. I bet Bynum would've still been a pretty part time player if that never occured due to Phil's bias for scrub veterans over any young player.

Its really not surprising he said that. Hes wrong, very wrong, but its very atypical of Phil or these 'HoFer' coaches that tend to respect the past more than what have you done lately...

someone must be a celtics fan.
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