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Default Re: Are there really Toronto Raptors fans out there who still want TJ Ford over Calde

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Doesn't that imply that it's my OPINION? Besides, if it is my opinion then to me it's pretty much a fact. Why would I spout of all that without believing it to be true?

I already posted both players stats as starters earlier in this thread. They showed Ford had comparable #'s in 10 less minutes per game. 10 minutes is a lot. I've said that Calderon is a better shooter but Ford is a better passer/playmaker (since you don't actually watch the games, I don't know how you can criticize any of this). Ford is also a far better defensive player. The injury is the only reason I can see people choosing Calderon over Ford. And that's fine, like I said it's a risk to keep Ford over Calderon because of this.

Do you even read entire posts or just pick out parts you don't like but ignore things that make sense?
What about ast:to ratio' you care about that? Raw assists numbers? PER and EFF ratings?

Do you care about any of this?

And for the record, Calderon has averaged 31 minutes for the entire season. I don't know why you keep mentioning a 10 minute differential.
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