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Default Re: Are there really Toronto Raptors fans out there who still want TJ Ford over Calde

Originally Posted by Created Player
What about ast:to ratio' you care about that? Raw assists numbers? PER and EFF ratings?

Do you care about any of this?

And for the record, Calderon has averaged 31 minutes for the entire season. I don't know why you keep mentioning a 10 minute differential.

10 minutes when looking at the their minutes as STARTERS.

As for the more complicated metrics, show me some #'s and then talk. I know Calderon has the higher EFF but Ford has the higher Roland Rating. You're going to have them pointing both ways.

Ast/TO ratio means little when you actually watch their games (again, you'd be lost here). Ford plays an aggressive high risk high reward game. It will create turnovers but with a good smart PG like Ford, the good will outweigh the bad. All the top PG's tend to turn the ball over. It's simply the result of aggressive play. Calderon plays a passive game where his mistakes don't result in turnovers. He rarely gets into the lane to break defenses down and rarely makes a riskier pass. That might be a great fit for a team with a star guard that can create for himself and others but IMO it's not the best fit for the Raptors. I've always said he'd be a fantastic fit alongside guys like Kobe, Wade and Lebron. I wish he'd always play the way he played vs the Celtics last night. His mistakes like passing to poor shooters like Moon or Delfino rather than looking for his own shot with 5 secs left on the shot clock don't results in turnovers but are boneheaded nonetheless.
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