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Default Re: Phil Jackson: "Detroit Pistons best team in the league"

Originally Posted by bdreason
Veterans win championships. None of the young teams in the NBA who are playing well now are going to win it this year. Hornets, Blazers, Magic... teams like these will fold in the playoffs against teams with players who deep playoff experience; Pistons, Spurs, Mavs, Celtics.

Even with a healthy Bynum, the Lakers weren't going to win a ring this year. There is a reason coaches don't depend on young, inexperienced players to carry them to a title... because most young players simply aren't dependable.

Pistons or Celtics will be in the ECF, both teams are built around Veterans.

Mavs, Spurs, or Suns will be in the WCF, all of them are built around Veterans.

problem is they dont develop people or develop them late. look at Riley stuck with has beens and aging veterans. Look at Larry Brown who couldnt develop anyone because he favored aging veterans so much. I still maintain Bynum could've been a bigger asset last year than he was, and his learning curve could've been faster if it werent for Phil and his mind games, and favoring go nowhere Kwame so much in a go nowhere year.

Alot of the players are the same way. Most think Shaq is still great or dominant, and its like they live in a time warp. most of them would've never acknowledge Paytons vast decline until way way after the fact pretending like he was the same old Payton....

its really to an extreme with some of these coaches/players the way they favor veterans. and its why they arent beyond criticism just because they have won with very talented teams for the most part.

oh and like i said i'd be willing to bet big Pistons will lose early and disappoint alot of people this year. they just dont look like the old Pistons anymore, if anything just flashes.

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