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Default Re: Does Hack-A-Player Ever Work?

"Hack-a-player" doesn't work in general not because of the things brought up, but for more tangible reasons.

1. You don't have unlimited number of fouls.
2. Putting the opposing team in the bonus early in a quarter is always bad for the defense. The player you hack may not be a good FT shooter, but the other players who benefit from being in the bonus should be.
3. There are very few players in the league who gets major minutes and suck at FT shooting enough for you to apply this method. Even a 60% FT shooter shooting at the line every possession is more efficient offense than just playing the offense normally. Which means "hack-a-Duncan" is not good philosophy, and he sucks at FTs by NBA standards.

I can see rare instances when you can do this. But generally, it just isn't feasible.
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